on wings of skin and feather

While I’m Thinking About It…

I remember waiting for Legendary’s Godzilla to come out.  I watched the trailers, listened to his roar, sat on pins and needles as the release date inched closer.

I went to see the film the day it was released.  I took a dear friend with me, and I shelled out for IMAX tickets (why see daikaiju on a screen less than twenty feet tall?).  We waited in line to file into the theater and claim seats.  Given the number of people, we did alright.  We chatted, watched AMC’s pre-film stuff, made whispered comments about the preview trailers, then promptly hushed ourselves when the THX sound test started.

I had heard Godzilla’s new roar.

I knew it practically by heart.

Nothing prepared me for that first, glorious SKREEEEEEONGK that tore through the theater.  It was exhilarating.  Energizing.  I wanted to roar back; call-and-response.  I still do.

Sometimes, when the house is empty, I call back.


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